New Hire - Employee information

Please note: Your hire is contingent upon submission of the required paperwork, completion of the District's hiring processes including, fingerprint clearance, credentials, certificates, license, TB clearance and any other necessary checks for your position.
New Hire Board Policies - Once you have been board approved, you will receive a link to register with Keenan SafeSchools.
You must review and acknowledge review of policies and procedures within four (4) weeks of your start date through Keenan SafeSchools.
Access to your pay stubs and W-2 forms - Employee Portal
First-time users- Use the "Register as a new user" to get started.
Enter time-off requests and employee absences in AESOP - AESOP for Employees
You may also access your real-time leave balances in AESOP.
Access to employee work calendars - Employee Work Calendar
Access to information regarding health benefits. Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs
Health benefit enrollment forms can be accessed here.
Access to employee retirement programs: