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Letter from Superintendent Kern re:IndepenDENT Study in 2022-23
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During the height of the COVID pandemic, California required all public schools to offer long-term independent study to any family that requested it. This requirement ends in June of 2022. Please take a moment to read the GUSD plan moving forward in an open letter from Superintendent Justin Kern.

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2021 California Healthy Kids Survey Information
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Each spring, GUSD administers the California Healthy Kids Survey to students in grades 5, 7, 9, and 11, plus all Esperanza High students.. This is a state-approved survey. Students in grade 5 must have a permission slip on file in order to take the test. Students in middle grades 7 and high school will all be permitted to take the survey unless a parent files an exception request. Parents wishing to preview the survey questions may come to their child's school site to view a paper copy, or may view the questions by clicking on one of the links below. Students will be sent some information letters about the surveys as well.

Elementary Surveys

Middle School Surveys

High School Surveys

Parent Surveys

There is also a parent version of the survey that we ask all parents to take. Specific information about the parent survey (available in English and Spanish) will be sent home separately with students. To limit surveys to actual Gridley Unified parents, we cannot post the survey links here.