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Wilson Elementary School

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  • At Wilson Elementary School we pride ourselves on 21st Century Learning and Instruction!  All of our classrooms are equipped with the needed 21st Century technology including teacher workstations, document cameras, and 1-1 chromebooks.  Classrooms also have access to a variety of "tech gadgets" ranging from iPads to Spheros.  


    We also recognize that having the hardware is only part of the equation and that teachers are the heart of the equation!  Wilson Elementary School’s highly qualified staff uses high-leverage Common Core strategies during their instruction and regularly receives professional development in the areas of Common Core implementation and Technology Integration. 


    Our classrooms are bustling with energy and enthusiasm as students: collaborate, engage in accountable talk, think critically, and problem solve.  In addition, a variety of instructional strategies are used including: direct instruction, project based learning, small group instruction, collaborative learning, scaffolded instruction, and independent practice.  Learning at Wilson Elementary School is definitely 21st Century worthy!


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