• Student Success Team

    What is the purpose of an SST?

    The Student Success Team was established to provide a positive, problem solving process to identify strategies and programs that may resolve or alleviate academic, attendance, health, or behavioral difficulties that students are having.


    What happens at an SST meeting?

    Step 1:  The teacher or parent requestes a referral to the Student Success Team by   completing the neccessary SST packets.

    Step 2: The team collects information relevant to the student's progress.  This information could include:  class work, report cards, tests, homework, attendance, parent information, health history, etc.

    Step 3: The team establishes a meeting time with the parent/guardian.

    Step 4: The SST meeting is held to summarize concerns and develop an action plan.

    Step 5:  The action plan is monitored and if needed, a follow up meeting will be scheduled


    If you need any other information regarding Wilson Elementary School's Student Success Team process, please contact Tracey Allen, principal of Wilson School at (530) 846-3675.