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Gridley Unified is committed to maintaining a high quality of education for its students during the COVID situation in spring of 2020. Our first priority is always the safety of our students, staff, and families. We also recognize that continuing in as much normalcy as possible and feasible is in the best interests of students. We further recognize that the COVID situation is very fluid, and what we know today may not be the same tomorrow. In light of this, we ask everyone to keep checking in with your child's school site and the district page often for updates. During the shutdown of schools, each site is working with its available technological and traditional resources to provide educational opportunities to continue at home. As teachers and staff put in place this temporary solution, please check in on the school site page for each of your children to access available work to keep their education going. Any packets will also be available for pickup at the school site offices as well, which will remain open during the overall school shutdown until directed by health officials to do otherwise. 

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As we develop more resources to help our families move through and beyond the COVID experience, we will post them here for all to read. Use the link to the right to submit a question. 
How long will school be closed?
We have ceased normal operations effective 3/17/20 through May 1, 2020. School is slated to resume on Monday, May 4, 2020 unless conditions change.
Will schools be cleaned prior to students returning?
Yes. Custodial staff will be wiping down all high-touch surfaces with disinfectant prior to the return of students.
Are school meals available during the closure?
Yes. Please see this flyer for more basic information. We are serving a grab and go style meal covering breakfast and lunch, available at several sites throughout the community to all students aged 18 or under. The current menu changed starting April 1 and can be found here.
Are your offices open?
Yes. The district office and all school sites are open 9-1 with limited staffing. Please contact the office you wish to visit ahead of time by phone as some may be initially locked to enhance safety.  Students should NOT be brought to school, however for classes. There are no classes being offered at the school sites and no childcare. 
Is my child being educated during the closure?
Following the initial close of schools and the announcement that schools are to remain closed until at least May 1, teachers and staff have been working to offer resources to parents and families to continue the education of students during the closure. Look on the homepages of each school site and listen for messaging from your site administrators about how each site is handling the month of April. Teachers have been provided with resources to help finish the remainder of the year as strongly as possible and to keep in touch with students via email or the Zoom teleconferencing platform.
What is Zoom?
Zoom is a third party software that allows use of a phone or computer (with or without a camera) to provide conference calling capabilities and presentation of work in a shared space. The district has purchased paid licensing of this platform in order to add enhanced features that will improve the experience for teachers and students as well as increase our ability to monitor online activities and ensure good digital citizenship of our students. Through this platform, teachers can continue to interact with students either in a limited "class" setting or through open office hours where students can sign in for additional support or to ask questions. Our implementation of Zoom will limit students to joining Zoom sessions created within GUSD.
What about Google Classroom?
Many teachers are utilizing Google Classroom as an additional platform to share work to students and to collect completed work. Parents interested in seeing what their students are working on are encouraged to have their children show them around or to request their own Guardian Account within Classroom to receive updates.
What about Grades and Graduation?
As of March 31, we are still awaiting legal guidance from the state about how to handle the issue of grades for students as we have started the fourth quarter of the year. As we learn more we will update our families.

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