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Choose a scenario below to start your own troubleshooting of some common issues
Install the GradeCam Plugin
Scenario 1: Gray screen inviting you to install GradeCam plugin.
If you see the screen on the right in the camera preview window when you try to scan answer sheets, click on it to begin installing your needed GradeCam plug-in. Note that you must read the directions and follow them, including the instructions to close then restart your browser. Once your browser is restarted, scanning in Illuminate should function as intended.
Scenario 2: Black camera preview screen and error message about camera not being found.
If your camera is unplugged, being used by another software program, you have selected the wrong camera, or your camera was just recently plugged in you may see a black preview screen and receive an error message that says there is a problem with the camera. GradeCam can be touchy about detecting document cameras. Try each of the following solutions:
Screenshot of a website with "camera error" shown
If you use presentation software with your document camera such as Skype, Avervision or Sphere, shut them down. Your document camera can only work with one at a time. You may need to close your browser then reopen it to let Illuminate and GradeCam see the camera.
Check to be sure that your desired camera is plugged in, preferably to a USB port at the back of the computer.  If your camera is connected to only a 15 pin VGA cable, as shown here,  it will not work. It must be USB.
Click “Tools”, then “Settings”. Rather than the default selection for “Any Camera”, use the dropdown menu to select the specific camera you have installed as shown here.  This is especially important if you have multiple cameras in your setup. In this same screen, be sure that the dropdown for Javascript Version is set to the “Current GradeCam SDK”.
gradecam settings panel
If you found that your camera was unplugged, shut down your browser completely and then plug the camera in.  Wait a couple of minutes to be sure that the computer recognizes you’ve added a new device, then restart the browser. Sometimes you need to restart the entire computer before this works.
view from gradecam program
Scenario 3: Black screen with no error message.
In some cases, the auto-install feature to update the GradeCam plugin fails to launch. When this happens you will get a gray or black screen in the camera preview window like the one shown here that does NOT have any error message associated with it. In this instance, you probably have an older, incompatible, GradeCam plugin loaded and you will need to manually update the plugin.  To do this, direct your browser to this link:
Follow the instructions at this link, paying attention to close then restart your browser once you have installed the upgrade. Most users should now be able to utilize their installed document camera.
Scenario 4: Scanning works, but is very slow on Avervision or Elmo brand camera.
This is a common issue with Avervision and Elmo brand cameras. GradeCam reports that this is a function of outdated drivers for the camera, and is not a problem with GradeCam itself. For more information about driver updates for various products:
File a tech ticket request at your site if you are unable to install a needed update yourself.
Scenario 5: Scanning works, but is slow and/or is not reading the answer form correctly.
This occurs for several reasons, including an out-of-focus camera, a camera that is too far above the scanning box around the bubbles, not enough light, or too much light causing glare. The more of the scanning box that appears in the preview window, the greater the likelihood of a fast, quality scan. Although it may work, the screenshot to the left may be less than readable, depending on room conditions. The screenshot at rightprojected image
shows a scan much more likely to be accepted and was achieved simply by lowering the camera.
projected image
Scenario 6: Scanning works, but whole sheets are not scanned.
Because the scanning process is sometimes a slow one for the camera to read the answer sheet, a grader may end up moving new sheets into view faster than the camera and computer can process them.  To minimize this chance, turn your computer’s sound on.  GradeCam provides an audible beep when a sheet is scanned correctly.
Scenario 7: Scanning works, but a student is not found.
Check to make sure that the student’s ID number is correctly bubbled.  If it is, this is a known ongoing issue with our system.  Some students are not properly synced between Aeries and Illuminate and need to be reported for manual entry into Illuminate through the Tech Ticket system until further notice.
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