McKinney-Vento (Homeless and Foster)

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McKinney-Vento Services (for Homeless and Foster Students)
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Homelessness and housing insecurity is not a crime! Education is a basic right under the federal McKinney-Vento Act, no matter your home living situation. Gridley Unified is committed to the services of all students who live within the Gridley community. If you find yourself or your family facing challenges related to existing or new conditions of insecure or inadequate housing, be sure to share that with us so we can help you maintain access to education. At your school site, speak with your site administrator or counselor, or contact the district office to directly contact the district's McKinney-Vento liaison. Any information request is only used to qualify families for McKinney-Vento services and your citizenship or immigration status are not an issue. Homelessness or housing insecurity are also not conditions required to be reported to child protective services as well. Homelessness is not a crime!
Homelessness is not a crime! Information provided to the school district on a student's or family's living situation is confidential and is only used to determine the educational rights of students, supports and services.

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Rights Under McKinney-Vento
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  • Right to remain in your school of origin - if you are forced to move to another school district due to losing adequate housing in our community, you have a right to remain enrolled in Gridley schools or to enroll in your new district.
  • Right to transportation assistance - if you are forced to move out of Gridley due to a loss of adequate housing that qualifies you under McKinney-Vento, you have a right to transportation assistance in order to maintain enrollment in Gridley.
  • Right to immediate enrollment. Students who qualify under McKinney-Vento have the right to immediate enrollment even if they lack normally required paperwork to do so (birth certificate, previous school records, proof of guardianship, proof of residency, and immunizations). The school can then help you gather the needed paperwork or immunizations if they are lacking at the time of enrollment. In the meantime, you have right to attend classes and participate fully in school activities.
  • Right to student services. Students who qualify under McKinney-Vento have right to immediate access to school services such as the free breakfast and lunch program without normally required paperwork. The school can then help you gather the needed paperwork if it is lacking at the time of enrollment.
  • Right to written explanation. If you are denied any of the above services/rights you are claiming under McKinney-Vento, you have a right to receive a written explanation of your denial and have a right to appeal.

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Help Under McKinney-Vento
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  • Transportation assistance to your School of Origin (the school of attendance at the time you qualified under McKinney-Vento or any school attended in the past 15 months to which the student has a connection).
  • Title I services are immediately available to all students at each school who qualify under McKinney-Vento. They can include school supplies, uniforms, plus additional tutoring and/or intervention programs depending on the school.
  • School breakfast and lunch are immediately available free of charge to students qualifying under the McKinney-Vento Act.
  • Help with immunizations can be available to students lacking the required immunizations to attend school.
  • Help is available in overcoming any barriers to participation in the educational and extracurricular programs at your school.

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Gridley Unified McKinney-vento Coordinator
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For questions or concerns about the McKinney-Vento Act in our district, contact your school site administrator, a school counselor, or the district's coordinator:
Michael Pilakowski
Director of Curriculum and Technology
Gridley Unified School District
429 Magnolia Street
Gridley CA 95948
(530) 846-4721